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Get ALL of Courtney Smith's techniques at your fingertips. The Stock Butler is the perfect trading coach to train, double check and guide you to become a persistent, consistent and successful trader.

We know that sometimes the price could be a deciding factor so we did the maths for you.
Considering only the cost of other subscriptions and of your time per month we get:

Ok... Ok... Let's say that you don't take the Advanced Stock Selection
(only the Best Of the Best) and that you do it faster! What will it cost you?

Knowing that... 

All packages of The Stock Butler are an awesome deal since they are a fraction of the real costs of trading.

Not to mention that your time is worth LOT more than $10/hour!!!

It is even better than that since we didn't count the cost of learning and coaching that you get, the reduction in your stress of making mistakes and the confidence that you get

Take a Look at Our BoB

These are the Best of the Best (BoB) of the as of July 26, 2016 and how they did with Channel Breakout 55-55, RoE filter, pyramiding and risk management as process by The Ultimate Package!

So! Are You Ready to trade stress-free with confidence and spend more time in the pool?

Get the Best Coach for Your Trading

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In all our packages
In the ultimate package
In the ultimate package

Best Seller PAckage
Automate Your Analysis

Rating, Watchlist & Portfolio
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Best of the Best & Hot Hands
    (Save over $35.90 per month)
  • Time Saving & Support
    (French & English)
  • All Technical Analysis
    (CB-55, CB-20, TA, BB, BW, PF)
  • Advanced Stocks Selection
    (No need for another subscription)
  • Help to Get Organized
  • Complete Trade Analysis
    (New low, bishop, pyramid and more...)
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Personal Notes on Your Trades (Journal)
  • (No need for another subscription)

Rating & Watchlist
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Best of the Best & Hot Hands
    (Save over $16.95 per month)
  • Time Saving & Support
    (French & English)
  • Technical Analysis

Rating Only
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Best of the Best & Hot Hands
  • Time Saving & Support
    (French & English)
Now the Ultimate package give you access to Channel Breakout (55 and 20 day low), Trend Analysis, Boing Boing, Bandwidth and the latest Profitnator. You get all the techniques that we added to The Stock Butler for the same low price. We are always adding value for our member.

Regular Price:
Now only $49.97/month
For a limited time only

Regular Price:
Now only $22.47/month
For a limited time only

Regular Price:
Now only $13.47/month
For a limited time only

Get up to 33% off with the annual plan
and we add 3 FREE months for a total of 15 months!


We’re so sure that The Stock Butler will help your trading that we’re offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 30-day money back guarantee. 

If for whatever reason The Stock Butler does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 30 days from your purchase and we’ll refund you right away!

So, if for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 30 days. Simply contact us. No monkey business. Give it a try…you have nothing to lose!

Some Question You May Have!
Do I need another subscription?
No, with The Stock Butler, you get everything you need in one site!
Can I have a refund?
Yes, you can have a full refund in the next 30 days of the payment.
Can I have more then one account?
Yes, we offer at least two accounts per subscription so you can trade your cash and margin account. If you need more, contact us and we will arrange somethinig. :-)
Is it linked with my broker?
For security and accuracy reason, The Stock Butler does not provide a direct link with any broker. You will used the information provided in the list "Orders waiting to be place" in your Portfolio to manually place your orders with your broker.
Do I need to pay for datafeed?
No, we got all this covered for you. Everyday we query the market and process all the techical analysis for you.
How fast are you anwsering our question?
We are pretty fast and working 7 days a week. For sure we need time to sleep but we are always there for you.
How often are you updating system?
The system update his stock every weekday around 17h45 E.T. when the market is close. The Best of the Best list and other advanced stock pick are processed on Saturday morning.
Does it detect pyramid signals?
Yes. The Stock Butler can detect when pyramiding occurs and will provide a notification via your Portfolio interface. 

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